The Story Architect

Business Name: The Story Architect

Contact Name: Kevin Smith

Business Address: 1370 Fieldlight Blvd., Unit 3, Pickering, ON

Years in Business: 3.5

Social Media:

Services and Description:

We help small businesses unleash their story. We help them figure out what their story is and how to go to market. Our services include branding, messaging, marketing strategy, content development, sales coaching, business development, web development, CRM implementation, and more.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Writing
  • Website creation

Digital Durham Special Offer

We offer customers a $1 starting consultation. Yes – we have to charge you something, so we both value each other’s time. But in that initial consultation we’ll provide you with a ton of ideas you can implement on your own. Digital Durham customers also get 10% off our list prices.


Dear Kevin,

Last summer we worked with you and your team to focus our business and determine our niche. Your attention to detail, comprehensive assessment of our business needs and exceptional rebranding has paid dividends. Our team has successfully launched our Emergency First Aid Game Plan and implemented it in a wade array of businesses.

On behalf of the canaPHEM team thank you for being our partner in lifesaving. Together we make teams confident, competent and ready to respond.


Robbie I. Ichelson, BAHSc (Hons) ACP
Chief Learning Officer / Director

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